Apocalypse wiping civilisation!

بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمٰنِ الرَّحِيْمِ

This blog post i am writing is about a theory, a much of debated topic but with findings of many evidence to support it,

amazes the hearts of many who learn about it, with the support of many evidence this theory is prospering in circle of the scientific community as well as historic scholars known as the Younger Dryas theory. A theory that not only can change the base and perception of ancient times but also of time which we assumed and has no single records known to men known as prehistoric times.

It all starts with a astroid or comet disintegrating collided with earth surface with its fragments causing younger dryas boundary layer across about 50 million square km of earth’s surface. Force accounted about 700 megaton warhead. Approximately 12000 years ago the resulting impact cause 19.3 miles crater under ice sheet haiwatha glacier. There are many evidences to support this claim i would explain to you one by one.

Lets start with key evidence of ice taken from Greenland and Antarctica both of the sample confirms of two events one occured 12,980 years ago and the other 11,600 years ago which caused a lot of things on planet Earth.

First the mass extention of 75% mammals in north America precisely te same time of 12 to 13 thousand years ago same what Greenland crater is dated, it is amazing to know camels were originated in North America and were very similar to camel of today they are known today as camelops and got extinct near the same time of younger dryas impact and many other mammals do faced the same fate such as ground sloth, Giant short faced bears, sabber tooth tiger, woolen mammoth, north American lions, American cheetah all near the time of younger dryas impact hundred of years back and forth.

Not only animal got extinct but also climate change was notable at the time of 12,800 years ago precisely including burning of forest fires, rise in global sea level with estimation of 30 feet in 24 hour period and much more over a period of time also discussed in various legends across religions and culture like in case of Atlantis and biblical flood which occured during the same time in theory, great flood followed by global decrease in temprature over a thousand year period.

Theory and conclusion

Evidence explained here are not all the evidence but there can be more evidence in support of this theory than that hidden somewhere in the world.

There is a lot of criticism of this theory as well who thinks of it just as another conspiracy theory but with more and more evidence is discovered to support this claim.

If we go for ancient civilisations under sea a lot of cities have been founded while in quest to discover Atlantis. Stones can only be found in ancient civilisation as metal and other materials can be eroded over a period of time.

Gobekli tepe a settlement discovered in turkey which was said to be 11,600 years old was discovered with paintings describing astroid hitting earth maybe at that time humans were at survival stage after the cosmic event.

Fossils of extinct mega fauna discribes there contact with a blast.

Note:- All history records are precised.

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