The Sumerians

بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمٰنِ الرَّحِيْمِ

Sumerians maybe not the first but the first recorded civilisation, though claims have been made that indus valley is older but much of a debated topic.

Sumerians one in past considered as a legend as depicted in bible and ancient manuscripts but after research are between tigris and Euphrates and near them more advance than we could expect from a civilisation which is said to be setteled more than 6000 years ago and end by near 4000 years ago. Numbers can be complicated to think but we know how we think about people of the past.

Sumerians were based on the organisation of City states like that of ancient Greece and the city of Uruk is said to be first true city with an approximate of 40000-80000 people living within 6 mile of wall, though all cities is said to be surrounded by wall and villages were known by thier beliefs in local deities. Sumerian culture was first to have records of writing system, the first known records are of 3100 B.C. Sumerians culture has a variety of Art and architecture as it remained on earth for a long period of time ranging from mud huts to sophisticated bricks built houses, temples and palaces and also pyramids. Ziggurats having sloping sides and terraces with gardens were also built one of them is hanging gardens of babylon.

The most fascinating thing about Sumerian is their advancement in Science and maths that is shown in their architecture also. There medicines were based on herbalism, magic was also used although not scientifically proved. They had advanced knowledge of Anotomy as surgical instruments have also been excavated. Sumerians were great at hydraulic engineering, ditches and canals were made for canals were made to control flooding and irrigation facilities. Sixty seconds in a minute and sixty minute in an hour is attributed to Sumerians. They also contributed in written records of poetry and stories like that of great flood, garden of Eden and tower of Babel. Schools were common aspect of Sumer culture.

Sumerian civilisation came to an end as it was captured in 2004 B.C by Elamites, Amorite soon took over Sumer culture and later the people were soon known as the Babylonians, it marked the end of Sumer culture.

Theory and conclusion-

Sumerians are the perfect example of how civilisations grow and end no matter how strong they are.

Sumerian invented a lot so much so that they are linked to conspiracy theories. They were so much advance that can not be imagined when we check there time when they were present.

Sumerian lived in harsh climate but still they were able to cope up with there living and then proper too is an amazing thing to consider.

Sumerian achievements in many fields were adopted later by Greek and Roman civilisation.

In upcoming blog post i will post about Dryas theory. Although said to be conspiracy theory but still can answer the secrets of Mankind on earth.

Note:- All history records are precise and not 100% accurate.

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