Lost City of Atlantis!

بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمٰنِ الرَّحِيْمِ

The city of Atlantis myth or reality has been a much debated topic over centuries as connecting many dots in History and religions.

Story of Atlantis in terms of history accounts was once proclaimed by Plato a many one virtuous and pious people of Atlantis taken by time and generations that continued lacked in that standard of morals and virtues incremented through time and finally calamity struck and all of the Atlantis was destroyed by disastrous earthquakes and tsunamis. Story of Atlantis explains the same religious phenomenon that how advanced civilization on the peak of success collapsed due to their own sins by the God almighty and the completion of saying “tough times creates strong men and strong men creates easy times where as easy times creates weak men and weak men creates tough time” it works like a cycle and many examples in modern world proves this saying of Internet.

Plato in his statement said that he heard this story from his grandfather who had heard it from Solon who had heard it from Egyptian priest 300 years prior to his time.

Theory and Learning

I cant write about it more than a limit as thier are a lot of theories and interpretation of it. Some people accepts it as truth some as false.

Upto to this day more than 80% of ocean remains undiscovered. Atlantis still not discovered as described, though many underwater remains of civilisation and cities have been discovered.

Plato described Atlantis end as 9600 years before in his time which is correlated to Dryas theory which explains that due to comet or astroid an apocalypse occured which destroyed an advanced Human civilisation like that of ours and we were put again to an stone age. Many scientists and theorist proclaimed many apocalypse that occured in the past and many advanced civilisations were destroyed this type of cataclysm theories are backed by many religious and ancient texts.

Even if Atlantis was real or not many civilisation have been discovered seas which had the same fate as Atlantis.

Even are own modern world as we say is now struggling from global warming and new dooms day are being predicted like that of famous 2012 theory which was proved wrong. Although it was proved wrong but we cant deny the fact that global warming has its consequences and climate change is being seen real now.

Note :- All History records are precised and not 100% accurate.

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