Industrialisation: Societal Effects

بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمٰنِ الرَّحِيْمِ

Industrialisation a term most of us must have heard in schools, and a process that have changed life of human existance from one phase to another.

Industrialised revolutionized society both in positive and negative aspects opening doors to both opportunities and threats. In industrialization technology advanced, urbanisation took place and much more happened.

In the beginning of Industrial revolution new factories were opened machines got installed and new job opportunities grew from the limitation of agriculture based economy a new industrial economy took off and people start taking more jobs in factories and works related to it people start shifting to cities in more numbers. The problem aroused when number of people were not equal to infrastructural change. Infrastructure cramped and sanitation and many problems took place thereby degrading livelihood of people.

One of the most important aspects of industrialisation was development of steam engine which increased manifold value of trade and manufacturing sector, canal were made during this time. Railroads in the same way for development were laid which helped a lot in transportation of goods and people in far lands which wasn’t that easy in the past. Roads were built better due to industrialisation and overall living standards in general increased due to Industrialisation.

Industrialisation caused creation of advanced factories but laws were not made for workers protection during that time and nor labour unions, so workers were often exploited, overworked and underpaid. Child labour also increased as children’s worked in dirty and scary factories.

Theory and Learning

In my opinion industrialisation is the reason why we are in modern times and could possibly read this blog on our mobile phones. The reason why we are not living in medevial era or ancient ones.

Due to industrialisation our society and its structure is different from older times as industries and banks have gained power in politics overtime. Due to industrialisation many people started investing in banks as opportunists know they would soon grow due to loans in industry based business environment. In middle ages the wealth was accumulated in land but now different system is in power comprising of businesses and banks who reside on this planet with great power and wealth as the God has given to them.

Industrialisation appreciated the value of free trade and value also as we are here in modern era having more freedom than our ancestors.

Industrialisation started with only steam engine but now it has gained its pase through time and now with the advent of computers it is faster than ever.

Industrialisation has also lead to global warming.

Industrialisation came up at great cost but also great value off course.

Note :- History records are precised and not accurate.

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