Napoleon and the French revolution

بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمٰنِ الرَّحِيْمِ
Napoleon Bonaparte a man of Great ambition and charisma who because of french revolution and because of it became emperor of Europe.

Revolutions are of great power and role of powerful leaders could influence it ending them in power this is what happened with Napoleon and because of french revolution. French revolution became a unique ideology in old monarchy concept. French revolution arose up due to demand of people for peace, land and bread. The French Empire when was a kingdom had huge disparity between rich and the poor class which caused animosity between them. Revolution began to replace old monarchy system with the republic one.

Napoleon Bonaparte career as a politician started in Corsica but was immature for it and opposition was capable to show his family of perpetual infamy which led to their exile to France, due to pro french views. In France also he was considered to be outsider but his success suppressed that. Napoleon saw the 1792 uprising where king Louis XVI fall, Napoleon was angry at crowds reaction and violence at that time. Napoleon became a Jacobin and backer of Robespierre also known as reign of terror. By the fall of 1793 Napoleon got his chance to gain power. Napoleon first major mission was to capture town of Toulon from the Britishers as people of town of Toulon had surrendered to Britishers in the past and French made siege there. Napoleon got his chance due to backing from a Corsican politician. In this battle French forces were able to conquer two high point L’Eguillette(the Needle) and fort of Mulgrave. Napoleon was only charge of artillery and not the whole operation but his clarity and vision and strategy created this success by will of the god. At only 24 he rised to the rank of Brigadier General.The support by Bonaparte to Jacobins had cost him jail although he was set free in less than two weeks. The second big break of Napoleon was when royalists were demonstrating against the certain part of plan of Directory, so Barras let Napoleon to take charge of artillery to fight the demonstrators, fighting went on for more than six hours and royalists were defeated. Because of it Napoleon was promoted to the ranks of Major General.By year 1795 things were pretty good for French Republic wherever in Europe France was going is leading for either making alliance or conquest the idea of democracy was spreading. France was now going towards Dutch republic. Both French and Dutch were creating Republics, all republics grown out of uneasy combination of patriots and French revolutionaries. Dutch government was dominated by the royals due to which republic lovers rebelled and got exiled than they asked France to act for republic in Dutch lands. As French entered Batavia Prince of Orange left for England, France helped in creating a Dutch republic in change of wealth.After all the efforts French put to make it a republic still it ended Napoleon being the Emperor of France and other European states. And whole era of Napoleonic war began but ended miserably with battle of Waterloo ending Napoleon as emperor of France forever. Napoleon had great role in French revolution as being a strategically smart guy, strong leader and a great tactician. Napoleon’s charisma was fantastic and majorly contributing to him in leadership.

Learning and theory

Revolution can start due to dissatisfaction of people with the present government or by foreign powers in case of France it started with dissatisfaction of people with the King and in other European countries with France intervention thats what created so many enemies of France which caused its final downfall but idea of democracy didnt die and as we know today many of the countries are now democratic and French revolution has role in modern day democracies.If there was never a French revolution maybe we never would have known Napoleon Bonaparte. French Revolution gave him the opportunity to gain highest level of power among the fellow humans.Napoleon put forward a new set of law and constitution that was focused on ideas that were considered liberal at that time.Revolutions are often bloody but have the power to change course of the history.French revolution was one of the most bloodiest revolution in recorded history.We can learn that how peoples hope can be turned to revolutions and how few leaders can rise to pinnacle of human achievements.

Note- History records are precised and not accurate.

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